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Date Difference in seconds in MySQL

You have two columns of the type timestamps, datetimes and you want to calculate the difference between them.


  TIMESTAMPDIFF(SECOND, StartTime, EndTime) AS difference
FROM Table;

To get the difference between the timestamps, datetimes in MySQL, use the TIMESTAMPDIFF(unit, start, end) function. The unit argument can be MICROSECOND, SECOND, MINUTE, HOUR, DAY, WEEK, MONTH, QUARTER, or YEAR. To get the difference in seconds as we have done here, choose SECOND. To get the difference in minutes, choose MINUTE; for the difference in hours, choose HOUR, etc. The end and the start arguments are the ending timestamp and the starting timestamp, respectively (here, StartTime and EndTime respectively).

MySQL SEC_TO_TIME() returns a time value by converting the seconds specified in the argument. The return value is in hours, minutes and seconds. The range of the result is in the time data type.


STR_TO_DATE("2022-12-30 12:12:12", "%Y-%m-%d %H:%i:%s")

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